Scanning the Net: I ConCurrent

The Spaces Between is right around the corner and I don’t know about you but I am super duper excited for the new Current card type! If you aren’t excited you should be! From a game design standpoint, the addition of Currents is a thing of pure brilliance. My hat off to you Senor Litzinger. Yah done good!

It’s Current Time!

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock on the moon, a Current is a new type of operation or event that when played stays in the game until a different current is played. Currents therefore provide a permanent effect while they remain in play. Currents also have the built in clause that if an agenda is scored or stolen respectively the active Current in play will be removed. This secondary clause is built in so that the if your opponent is not using Currents in his or her deck they have a means to remove the Current from play.

The reason why Currents are so fraking brilliant is that they fundamentally change the state of the game without changing a single rule. They introduce a mini tug of war game inside of the overall game of Netrunner. That is so meta! I think it is a good indicator that even FFG realizes how significant Currents will be because every faction will get them at once but truthfully it would be really unfair if every faction didn’t get one.

It’s safe to say that Currents are going to have a major impact on Netrunner. Whenever a player sits down to build a deck after The Spaces Between hits stores they will need to ask the question: How will I deal with my opponents Currents? That is significant. The game will change.

Currents are amazing and all but there is a downside. Currents will further alienate new players. Despite having the built in agenda score/steal clause the most reliable counter to your opponent’s Current will be playing one of your own. I foresee that it will be the rare exception when a deck will not have a Current. Players who don’t have access to Currents while deckbuilding will be at a disadvantage.

The Spaces Between is going to be a must have Data Pack for anyone who wants to remain competitive in the Netrunner meta.  FFG has the arrival date as August 14th on their website and we can expect The Spaces Between to be released at GenCon. Thanks to the power of the internet the entire Data Pack has been spoiled and we know exactly what currents are going to be released. This gives us the opportunity to break down each Current individually!

Haas-Bioroid – Enhanced Login Protocol

Clicks are the lifeblood of Netrunner. Forcing the Runner to spend more Clicks in any situation is excellent because it denies them time and resources that they need to win the game. Enhanced Login Protocol is probably one of, if not the strongest, Current in the game because it denies the Runner his or her lifeblood. Run based Events will become even more useful thanks to the existence of this card. Jinteki Replicating Perfection flat out loves this Current.




Jinteki – Cerebral Static

Cerebral Static should read… “86% of the time I work every time.” Arguably one of the strongest Current effects but unfortunately it does not work on Identities such as Andromeda or Professor whose abilities only trigger at the very beginning of the game. The fact that Andromeda is still one of the strongest Identities in the tournament scene leaves this card lacking. This card still puts the hurt on Identities that have a strong emphasis on their abilities such as Noise.



NBN – Targeted Marketing 

The ten credits from this card may seem like a lot but those ten credits are only given out based on the actions of the Runner. Not only does the Runner have to have included the card you targeted, they also have to play it. If the Runner has already played a copy of the card you want to target the chances of them playing another go down drastically. I think acceptable guesses for this card would be Sure Gamble, Dirty Laundry, Self Modifying Code, etc. You want to name cards you know will be played in multiples and that are common in the meta. Be careful naming Account Siphon because if you have no credits and you have Targeted Marketing targeted on Account Siphon they could Account Siphon you at zero credits! Targeted Marketing is a beautifully designed card. It is far from the best Current but I can appreciate it for what it is. Targeted Marketing is very strong against Shaper.

Weyland – Paywall Implementation

Paperwall Implementation is lackluster at best. A single credit for letting the Runner into your Servers doesn’t really feel like a fair trade off. The nice thing about Paywall Implementation is that it triggers every time a Runner makes a successful run but not all Runner Identities want to run that often. This card is very strong against Criminal but at two influence I doubt we will see much of this card outside of Weyland.




Neutral Corporation – Lag Time 

Lag Time = Great Time! Lag Time is arguably the best Current period. The thing about giving +1 strength to all or your ICE is that it is ALWAYS good. This extra taxation can be brutal on the runner. Just think about it, this little gem makes Eli 1.0 strength 5! Lag Time is definitely Strongest in Haas-Bioroid and I think Stronger Together just found its new best friend.




Anarch – Scrubbed

Scrubba dub dub! -2 strength is pretty decent. It takes those pesky pieces of ICE like Grim and Inazuma and brings them down into fixed strength breaker range. Bishop has the same effect but it is not as versatile as Scrubbed. I definitely think we will be seeing a lot more of Scrubbed than Bishop. The nice thing about Scrubbed is that it will save you two credits or Datasucker tokens in a fair amount of situations and it helps speed up that Parasite ICE kill.



Criminal – Unscheduled Maintenance 

Unscheduled Maintenance is undoubtedly the worst Current overall. How often in a game do you remember a Corporation installing more than one ICE after turn one? This may have its place in an ICE destruction deck but that is not really Criminals strong suit. The kiss of death for this card is the two influence. I guess it was only a matter of time for Criminal to finally be the worst at something.




Shaper – Net Celebrity 

In case it wasn’t apparent, I value Currents that are universally good over Currents that are situationally good. Net Celebrity is ALWAYS good. Not only that but Net Celebrity is native to Shaper which wants to spend credits during a run more than any other faction. Of the three Runner Currents this one is definitely the best and at one influence I won’t be surprised to see other factions splash this.




there you have it. Currents are going to be awesome! I think Haas-Bioroid and Jinteki are going to benefit the most from The Spaces Between. I won’t be surprised to see an Enhanced Login Protocol Replicating Perfection deck or a Stronger Together Lag Time deck in the near future. A six strength Eli 1.0 is a scary thing! Be prepared!

On a side note: Heinlein Grid is bonkers and Cache is the greatest card Noise has gotten since Personal Workshop!

Hello Noise! I am your new best friend.

- Phil the Netrunmancer

The Burnout

Hello my fellow Children of the Run! Your friendly neighborhood Netrunmancer here. It has been far too long since my last post. I know this might insight an angry mob but the reason for the long hiatus is that I needed to take a break from my favorite game because I was burnt out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my Netrunner! Oh boy do I love my Netrunner. For crying out loud I started a podcast dedicated to Netrunner because it is an all consuming obsession. Netrunner was that itch that could never be scratched. As a result of this obsession I played a ton of netrunner to the detriment of all the other board games in my collection. It got to the point where it felt pointless even having a board game collection. Why own one hundred plus games when you only play one?

To paraphrase Fight Club: Netrunner became the reason to cut my hair short or trim my finger nails. I was addicted. I am Gabe’s raging bile duct.

The catalyst to the burnout can really be boiled down to the release schedule of Netrunner. I may be in the minority when I say this but I was having trouble keeping up with the amount of product coming out on a monthly basis. It goes without saying that I never considered not buying a datapack. In Netrunner, a single datapack can have a significant impact on the entire state of the meta. Every month I felt like I had to adapt to the ever shifting meta and I was constantly constructing and deconstructing decks. “The things you own end up owning you.”

It was right around when Fear and Loathing was released when my break started. It was right after our local Store Championship. I did a considerable amount of playtesting in preparation for the Store Championship which probably just fueled the fire of the burn out. I lost that Netrunner itch.

Right around this same time another friend of mine fully quit because he was so dejected by how quickly Netrunner was being released. This was the same friend who only three months earlier learned Netrunner and purchased all Netrunner product out at that time. He went from zero to hero and right back to zero all within a three month span. I was not the only one put off by the FFG release schedule. He still refuses to come back to the game despite my best efforts.

To be perfectly honest, I never planned to fully stop playing. I always knew I would be back. It wasn’t until our local Regional tournament when I started playing again. I started prepping for the Regionals about a week in advance which wasn’t enough time. I can definitely say that my lack of success at Regionals was in no part due to my lack of preparation. I mean I was still learning all of the cards in Honor and Profit when I sat down to play my first game at Regionals which is not the best way to prep for an important tournament! I deserved to finish on the bubble.

The best outcome from the Regionals was that I found that Netrunner itch again. Finishing on the bubble only made me want to play more. The concellation prize was the alt art Corporate Troubleshooter.

Not much has changed since my break. The release schedule is still a killer but I think I have come to terms with that now. When all is said and done I think I just needed to step away for a short period of time. Now I feel refreshed and ready to start running like a mad man again. Now I just need to find the time to play!

– Phil the Netrunmancer

Episode 012 : King of the Castle

Phil, Jeremy and special guest Dan recap their most recent local Store Championship.

Phil and Patrick

Phil and Patrick

0:00 Introduction
11:23 Listener Mail
18:07 Announcements
31:52 King of the Castle

World Wrestling Federation
The Effect of Player Skill on Netrunner Win Rates by Alexfrog

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Crossroad Games Store Champion Top 4 (left to right) - Patrick, Andrew, Phil and Zeb

Crossroad Games Store Champion Top 4 (left to right) – Patrick, Andrew, Phil and Zeb

Phil’s Store Championship 1st Place Decklists

Hey Interwebs! Below are my 1st place decklists from our local Store Championship. Instead of doing a full tournament write up we are going to do a podcast episode about the Store Championship so stay tuned for episode 12! I need to give a special shout out to Monster Rob for helping me with these decklists.

Return of the Noise (46 cards)

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire


“I never left bitches!” – Noise

Events (9)
2 Deja Vu
3 Easy Mark • • •
1 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble

Hardware (7)
2 Clone Chip •• ••
3 Grimoire
2 Plascrete Carapace

Resources (7)
1 Aesop’s Pawnshop ••
3 Kati Jones
3 Wyldside

Icebreakers (6)
1 Corroder
2 Crypsis
2 Mimic
1 Yog.0

Programs (17)
3 Datasucker
3 Djinn
3 Imp
2 Keyhole
3 Parasite
3 Sahasrara •• •• ••

Boring Old HB FA (49 cards)

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future


Vanilla > Chocolate

Agendas (11)
3 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Efficiency Committee
2 Gila Hands Arcology
3 Project Vitruvius

Assets (8)
3 Adonis Campaign
3 Jackson Howard • • •
2 Melange Mining Corp

Upgrades (3)
3 SanSan City Grid ••• ••• •••

Operations (8)
3 Biotic Labor
2 Green Level Clearance
3 Hedge Fund

Barriers (8)
1 Eli 1.0
2 Heimdall 1.0
3 Ice Wall • • •
2 Wall of Static

Code Gates (4)
2 Enigma
1 Viktor 2.0
1 Viper

Sentries (7)
2 Ichi 1.0
3 Rototurret
2 Sherlock 1.0

Episode 011 : Tip Top Shaper

Phil and Jeremy talk about all things Shaper in this jam packed episode!

0:00 Introduction
5:19 Listener Mail
24:55 Announcements
48:55 Tip Top Shaper

Sherlock Holmes
ANR Tracker
The Color Wheel of Netrunner by Alexfrog

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Running with Scissors : Street Chess

Hello Interwebs! This is your friendly neighbourhood Phil the Netrunmancer here. It has been awhile since I have posted to the blog so I thought I would talk about a deck that I have been playing recently for my triumphate return. This is a deck that I worked on that focuses on using the Shaper identity Exile in conjunction with the Caïssa program Pawn to create a draw engine that triggers while running. I have played this deck a handful of times and have had some moderate amount of success with it. Here is the deck:

Street Chess


I wear a hood under a popped collar cause I’m cool damnit!

Exile: Streethawk (46 cards)

Events (13)
1 Levy AR Lab Access
3 Quality Time
3 Scavenge
3 Sure Gamble
3 Test Run

Hardware (12)
1 Akamatsu Mem Chip
3 Clone Chip
3 Deep Red •••
1 E3 Feedback Implants ••
2 Plascrete Carapace
2 R&D Interface

Resources (6)
3 Daily Casts
2 Kati Jones
1 Same Old Thing

Icebreakers (6)
1 Cyber-Cypher
1 Deus X
1 Femme Fatale •
2 Knight ••••
1 Snowball

Programs (9)
2 Magnum Opus
3 Pawn •••
2 Scheherazade ••
2 Self-modifying Code

Not bad right? A great deal of thought has gone into this decklist. A special shout out to Monster Rob who consulted on this deckbuild. The deck is not perfect by any means but this deck has a significant amount of potential. Let me break it down for you.

The Programs:


“The older I grow, the more I value pawns.” – Paul Keres

Pawn is definitely an all-star in this deck. You might even call it a Pawn Star! (DISCLAIMER: The Netrunomicon is not responsible for brain damage suffered from terrible puns.) The way Pawn works in this deck is every time you make a successful run you want to be trashing an installed Pawn on an ICE for a Pawn in the heap thereby drawing a card theoretically every time you make a successful run. John Masonri eat your heart out. It is crucial to get a Pawn in the Heap as soon as possible to get set up for your attack run and once you see the second Pawn you are in business. Of course this combo requires that Deep Red be in play in order to guarantee that the newly replaced Pawn gets installed immediately on ICE that is hopefully the only ICE protecting a Central. We’ll talk about Deep Red later.

So now that we have a Exile + Pawn + Deep Red draw engine up and running, why not make some money off of it? That is where Scheherazade comes into play. Once you add Scheherazade into the mix, now every time you make a successful Pawn swap on a successful run, not only are you drawing a card every time but you are also getting a credit to boot! Did someone say Professional Contacts while running? Yes please! Unfortunately with the recent Caïssa + Scheherazade ruling, the only Caïssa that can benefit from Scheherazade is Pawn. Luckily that ruling only hurts this deck by two cards. Potential targets for Scheherazade include Pawn, Self-Modifying Code, Test Run targets, and Cyber-Cypher.

This deck does not need a significant amount of money to be successful but it does need a cash infusion here and there to keep it sustainable. Magnum Opus is the bread and butter money maker in this deck.

Self-Modifying Code needs no introduction. Knight is usually the primary target for SMC but in a pinch I will grab a Pawn to get my draw engine started. In times of need I can also rely on SMC to get either Snowball or Cyber-Cypher to get me through when I absolutely need to.

The Icebreakers:


“In blitz, the knight is stronger than the bishop.” – Vlastmil Hort

As soon as Knight hit the meta I knew it would be a good card and it has not disappointed my expectations in the least. Knight is the Rockstar of the deck. Once Deep Red hits the board Knight becomes a significant threat to the Corporation. Installing Knight mid run via cards like Self-Modifying Code or Clone Chip and have it immediately hosted on ICE is bonkers. The key thing to remember with Knight is that it can be moved to different ICE allowing you to keep early pressure on both Centrals and Remotes when needed. I have included one E3 Feedback Filter in the deck to support my Knights. Last night while playing a game I was getting through Archers for four to five credits thanks to Knight + E3. Nasty! The secondary effect of Knight is that it acts as a pseudo Parasite because a Corp player is usually liable to trash any ICE that is hosting those aggravating Knights. It’s a win win win!

There are very few pieces of ICE that Knight can’t break on its own. That is where Femme Fatale comes into play. Femme can target that advanced Hadrian’s Wall that is out of Knight range. She also serves as the decks primary Killer. Femme is typically the target for Test Run early game and Scavenge makes it easy to keep her targeted on different ICE throughout the game.

Snowball and Cyber-Cypher are included as supplementary breakers for late game when there is just too much ICE to handle between Knight and Femme.

Deus X was included for the Jinteki match up as a direct counter to Ronin and Snares! It also doesn’t hurt to have against annoying large Bioroids like Janus and Heimdalls.

The Hardware:
If Pawn and Knight are the All-star and Rockstar of the deck, than Deep Red is the workhorse. Deep Red is the keystone of this deck and without it the deck would not function. It is integral that Deep Red get installed as soon as possible to make it possible for Pawn and Knight to enter play immediately onto ICE. The other bonus of Deep Red is that it will float the memory of Knight freeing up your main memory for Magnum Opus and your breaker suite.

Unfortunately this deck cannot host its entire suite (Femme Fatale + Cyber Cypher + Snowball + Magnum Opus = 5 MU) with the default four memory. That is where Akamatsu Mem Chip comes into play. Having only one copy in your deck might not seem like a lot but the draw capability of this deck is pretty crazy so the chances of you seeing the Mem Chip midgame is pretty good. The same logic also applies to E3 Feedback Implants.

E3 pairs very well with Knight, allowing you to break multiple subroutine ICE for cheaper. E3 is also an excellent counter to the larger Bioroids out there such as Janus that can be pesky when your best breaker can’t break anything larger than seven strength.

Clone Chip usually serves to get Knight back into play after it has been trashed. Very rarely do I target anything else but on the off chance it can serve to get a Pawn back into play when the draw engine gets broken.

R&D Interface is the kill shot for this deck. If the game is going in your favor you should be able to set up a very easy R&D lock without much trouble. I have thought about swapping RDI out for Indexing but more on that later…

Finally Plascrete is must have for this deck. With the Pawn draw engine you want to be running often and flatline decks can very easily ruin your day. I am seriously considering adding a third Plascrete because of how essential it has become especially in this day and age of Power Shutdown Shenanigans.

The Events:


I like junk in my trunk.

The events for this deck are pretty straight forward. Sure Gamble is a no brainer. Test Run is the bee’s knees. Enough said.

Quality Time will get you a hefty dose of card draw infusion when you need it. I have not had any problems playing QT and finding cards I don’t mind discarding and in some cases I almost want to discard certain cards such as Pawn.

Scavenge is a powerhouse for Exile. Most often the target for Scavenge will be either Femme or Cyber-Cypher. I love Scavenging and installing the same card with Exile giving you a card draw at the same time. Heck yes!

Levy AR Lab Access is the reset button and is not to be played lightly. In every game that I have played with this deck I have come very close to running out of cards in the Stack. The problem with Levy is that it breaks the Pawn draw engine because without a Pawn in the Heap the engine does not work. Break glass only if necessary.

The Resources:

Kati Jones


Kati Jones is the backup to Magnum Opus. Between KJ and MO you should have at least one of them in your starting hand.

This is a Daily Casts deck. This deck wants to run, so freeing up Clicks is just gravy.

Same Old Thing is the backup to Levy AR Lab Access. Never discard it. “It is good practice to backup the backup.”

What Works:
This deck in motion is killer. There are so many tricks packed in here that the Corp player will definitely be surprised if he is unprepared. Getting into servers early to midgame is typically not a problem.

Once the Pawn draw engine is up and running you’d be surprised at how effective it can be. Its essentially John Masanori and Professional Contacts with none of the downsides such as receiving tags or spending five credits up front. If you have all three Pawns in play (2 on ICE + 1 in the Heap) you can basically get two cards and two credits ever run. Crazytown!

Corporations can try to stop the Pawn chain by trashing ICE. No big deal. You want the Corp to trash their ICE. They can also try to stack multiple ICE on certains which can slow things down but if they are focusing on Centrals they are neglecting remotes.

This deck can really bring the early pressure while building its rig in the process. Knight is a total monster. I very rarely find that I have problems getting into servers when the deck is jiving.

On top of everything else this deck is just fun!

If your gauge of success is judged by the percentage of wins let me break down my record for you. I have played a total of ten games and I have lost four games and I have tied once sitting at match point. Two of my losses came from Scorch Earth flatlines which have proven to be the biggest problem for this deck. During another loss I sat on match point while seeing over ten cards during R&D accesses. Truthfully I am stilling learning how to utilize this deck because there is a definite learning curve.

What Doesn’t:
This deck is not without its problems. I hate to admit it but the deck is a combo deck. *CRIES* Exile + Pawn + Deep Red is a combo. In theory the Pawn draw engine could work without Deep Red. It would just be slow and cumbersome and not worth the time. It takes some preparation to get the engine rolling. The nice thing is that you don’t have to sit on your butt waiting for all of the pieces to fall into place. This is a deck that builds in motion but it can become problematic when the momentum stalls especially if Magnum Opus gets nuked.

The deck is pretty resilient to program trashing from cards like Power Shutdown and Grim but it really hurts when Magnum Opus gets trashed. It is very important to keep Magnum alive or you run the risk of coming to a screeching halt. This decks likes to be running and gaining all at the same time. If you aren’t gaining from your runs the deck is not living up to its full potential.

A number of my losses have come from Scorch flatlines. The problem is that this deck wants to run often and will leave itself exposed against the SEA Source + Scorch kill despite attempts to play around it. A third Plascrete might be necessary just to stay alive.

With so many tutors in this deck another problem is when a card you need is in your hand. This almost happened to me in a game last night where I trashed Clone Chip to retrieve a Self-Modifying from the Heap thereby drawing a card. I needed to use that SMC to tutor for Cyber-Cypher so if I ended up drawing the sole copy I would have been screwed. Just be mindful of the risk.

Pawn can also get in the way of Knight at certain points during the game. You don’t want to install Pawn on a Central that you expect to run on using Knight.

Lastly, this deck is not the easiest to pilot. This deck takes time to learn. I still don’t feel like I have even unlocked its full potential.

What Might Change:
This is the first iteration of this deck. I don’t quite think it is Tier 1 just yet but I have faith that it could be. I have some different ideas swimming around in my head. I think this deck really needs to have three Plascretes because of how much this deck likes to be on the run. It needs a safety net to do what it wants to do. I think the deck could possibly live without Kati Jones and rely solely on Magnum Opus as its main economy. Indexing may be a better choice for this deck over R&D Interface. A third Self-Modifying Code might be useful but deck space is already limited. E3 may be expendable but I really like having it.

Well there you have it, Street Chess in all its glory. It is kind of shocking to me that the Deep Red is only one influence and makes this deck viable. It almost makes me feel bad for Anarch. Shaper can include all of the Anarch fun tricks (I am looking at you Parasite) and still have all of their tutors. I am going to keep tweaking Street Chess to get the perfect deck balance. Hopefully I can raise it to the tournament level tier with more plays, changes and experience.

Episode 010 : Anatomy 101

In the 10th episode of the Netrunomicon podcast the Netrunmancers, Phil and Jeremy, overview the Turn and Run Timing Structures and review the Go7 Gaming series of Netrunner products.

0:00 Introduction
2:11 Very Special Listener Mail
12:04 Announcements
32:44 Anatomy 101

Go7 Gaming
Go7 Gaming Kickstarter
Android: Netrunner FAQ

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Episode 009 : Talking Tech

In this 9th installment of the Netrunomicon podcast, the Netrunmancers, Phil, Jeremy, and Monster Rob, have a round table discussion with Tech Talk’s very own Eric “Scud” Rampson.

0:00 Introduction
11:49 Announcements
19:58 Talking Tech
1:22:06 CLICK! CLICK! Dont Flatline Me!

Tech Talk
Scud: The Disposable Assassin
Team Covenant’s Netrunner & AGOT – Damon Stone In-depth Interview – GenCon 2013
“My Plugged In Tour 1st place lists” by Travis R. Chance

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My Personal Evolution

Hello Runners! Jeremy and I had the opportunity to go to the Plugged-In Tour and we had an excellent time. We recorded two podcast episodes on the road, so make sure to give them a listen if you haven’t already had a chance to check them out. I have had a week to decompress from Plugged-In. Here are my thoughts.

The Plugged-In Tour!

Going into Plugged-In Tour, I didn’t really know what to expect. To be honest, this was the first real Netrunner event that I had been able to attend since I missed my local Regionals. I must give a big thank you to Fantasy Flight Games for providing this opportunity. In a sense, this event was my proving grounds. Producing a podcast implies a certain working knowledge of the game and it adds some undo pressure to perform. I would have been very disappointed in myself if I had been skunked at both tournaments. It was my own personal goal to do well enough to be proud of the results. I was very comfortable with the decks that I had chosen but I was still nervous needless to say. I never expected to actually win a tournament!

No one was more surprised than me that I won! Over both events I went 14-4 against some incredibly tough competition. I was proud of my results. I was not proud because I won; I was proud because I felt like I played well against very strong opposition. Did I mention it was tough? If you want to check out my decklists you can see them here. Winning one of the tournaments was awesome, but the most rewarding experience of the whole event was how it opened my eyes to world of Netrunner beyond my local meta.

I have the privilege of living in New England, which turns out to be quite the melting pot of different Netrunner metas. People from Maine to Rhode Island to Vermont all showed up to put their decks to the test. I saw a Cerebral Imaging deck perform admirably, I lost handily to a Whizzard Control Deck, I played against some tried and true Andromeda decks, I inched out a win against a scary Next Design big money deck, I got pretty beat up from a Jinteki deck, I almost lost to a Professor deck and I even saw Darwin used quite often as a solitary breaker. I was shocked at the amount of diversity I saw at both tournaments.

Manchester, NH Faction Breakdown

I love Netrunner. I really do. No other game has captured my attention the way that Netrunner has in the last year. I love everything about it and going to Plugged-In only strengthened that love affair. Playing at a high level of competition really excited me and seeing all sorts of different working decks filled me with joy for the game. It made me realize that there is no perfect answer in Netrunner. This realization has made me take a step back and analyze my personal game. I recently read a thread entitled “What’s holding back your potential as a player?” where the author put forth the question of what is holding you back from being a better player. It really made me think.

After much Netrunner soul searching I came the to understanding that what is holding me back as a player is that I only play what I consider to be good. As a self proclaimed Spike player, I tend to focus on the strongest winning deck formulas. Lately I have been focusing on strong Runner decks like Good Stuff Gabe and strong Corporation archetypes such as HB Fast Advance. That mode of thinking really limits my game in a number of ways. I have only been playing in my comfort zone. For example, as the corporation I hate having an agenda installed in a remote server so I play fast advance to avoid that. Focusing on my comfort zone as a player only makes me a better player in one aspect of a game that has many aspects.

My plan for the future is to expand my Netrunner repertoire. I want to become more comfortable with Jinteki. I want to get better at playing for the flatline with Weyland. I want to start playing Shaper. I want to explore under utilized cards. I want to stop relying on fast advance. I want to break away from the norm and explore the meta from different angles. If I do all of these things I can only become a better player overall. Plugged-In opened my eyes. This is my personal evolution.

– Phil the Netrunmancer

Episode 008 : Round 2… FIGHT!

This is for you Monster Rob!

This is for you Monster Rob!

This is the second installment of the Netrunmancers go to Plugged-In. In this jam-packed episode, Phil and Jeremy talk about spoiled cards from the Plugged-In Tour events and they also interview Damon Stone and Stuart Wilson from Fantasy Flight Games.

0:00 Introduction
3:32 Round 2… FIGHT!
18:24 Announcements
48:50 Interview with Stuart Wilson
59:04 Interview with Damon Stone

Mortal Kombat
Pandemonium Books and Games
“The Deck” by Alexfrog
The Legend of Zelda
Plugged-in to New England’s Central Servers

Jeremy getting schooled by Matt at Plugged-In

Jeremy getting schooled by Matt at Plugged-In

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